The Benefactor

The Benefactor


10 x 10 inches


Alice McMurrough

We would like you to share with us in congratulating Alice on her success in 2013.    In January last year Alice was awarded the Diploma of the Paisley Art Institute, in May she was elected a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI), June saw her receive the Darlrymple Award at the inaugural MacLaurin Annual Exhibition and she ended 2013 with becoming an elected member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour. (RSW).   

We are delighted to be including five brand new works in this year's Scottish Exhibition.

'In my artwork, I create connections. I paint the gap between innocence and experience. I use distortion, metaphor and symbolism, in a context free form chronological time and precise place.  I intertwine memories of personal events with contemporary issues, family legends, cultural myths and religious fables. Objects, colour and scale are employed for symbolic reasons. I often find archetypes in old children’s books, toys and television programmes. I aim for an attention that children have for the world, before ritual and maturity strips life of its daily magic.  The resulting images can display theatrical characters on stage- like sets, inviting open narratives and subjective interpretations. Unlike nineteenth century Tableaux Vivants, my work revels in the absence of an authoritative reading.  I invite the viewer to engage with the paintings and derive their own interpretation.'





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