Ghost 1/9

Ghost 1/9


H 20" x w 26" x d 9"


Andrew Lacey


An artist and independent scholar Andrew  specialises in the research of renaissance bronzes. His particular approach to making sculpture and exploring the nature of materials is influenced by historic and archaeological study. His studio in Devon is dedicated to art practice, research and education.  

Andrew’s sculpture stems from a figurative tradition, influenced by classical and renaissance sculpture. He casts his own work in bronze and this engagement with the casting process enables creative interception at any stage, leading to a lively exploration of the making of sculpture.  His manner is spontaneous, experimental and focused.  

Ongoing research is at the core of Andrew’s art, historical and technical practice and he continues to  provide consultancy in sculptural research and reconstruction analysis for museums, educational institutions and art/archaeology TV documentaries, etc.  Recent projects include the making of didactics and handling objects for the V&A Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Royal Academy of Art.  Andrew is also part of a visiting lecturer programme at Cambridge University.  He also runs studio based courses; these have involved ‘contemporary techniques of bronze cast sculpture' and for curators and conservators ‘the interpretation of archaeological relics', and ‘the making of high renaissance masterpieces’.

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