Black Boat

Black Boat

Oil on board

9 x 11 inches


Simon Wright

I have been noticing the paintings of Simon Wright for some time now.  Each time I happened upon one, as I only ever saw one at a time - I have been drawn by their  simplicity, purity and stillness.  On meeting Simon my enchantment continued.  His studio is a very small shed in his back garden where he builds little constructions from cardboard or junk of commonplace and familiar things. He then personalises the object, he says, ‘through the process of making it takes on its own skewed logic’.  The little sculpture is then placed on a shelf, and with the limitations of the garden shed lighting he begins the process of painting – usually during the quiet of the night. I am delighted that he will be sending me two of his paintings that will be on exhibition from 22 November – 6 December 2015.

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