Black Pen

Black Pen

20 x 24inches

Mixed media on board


William Selby

William Selby's career today is a far cry from the early life of this quietly spoken, gentle, Yorkshireman and the life he was born into. His Grandfathers, father and three uncles all worked down the pit and the young Bill worked as a fitter on the surface, his father never wanted to see his son go down the pit. National Service beckoned and was deferred from 18 to 21 by which time he was engaged, to be married.  His army pay was £1 5shillings gross so Bill began to supplement his meager earnings by painting charcoal portraits that sold for two shillings and sixpence.  As he was beginning to show promise as an artist he was given leave to sit for Doncaster Art College, at his Interview with the Principle after demob he was asked what he wanted to be? " A painter" he said,  ‘There’s no money in fine art, believe me”, he said, "when you leave this college you will go into a job in graphic design”.  The following day, disillusioned, Bill became a turner in mining engineering for 10 years, thereafter he worked as an insurance agent and with the flexible hours this enabled him to give more time to his painting, this job also lasted for ten years. In 1973 on reaching the age of 40 painting became his full time occupation.   Success began to follow and in no time his work was being exhibited in galleries throughout England and Scotland.  Over the next 20 years more success followed and he was elected a member of many prestigious societies.  He is now recognized as an important figure in British painting.

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