Simon Garden


2nd - 16th October 2022

There are elements of playfulness and wonder in Simon Garden’s new body of imaginative paintings. They are works that make you smile, touching on moments of pure joy, good humour and harmony, but to suggest that they are light-hearted would be to overlook their thoughtful complexity. An observer of the human condition Simon explores themes of hardship, difficulty and challenge. His paintings lead us into worlds of fantasy and myth, but they are familiar being inspired by the landscape around where he lives and works. He creates impossible journeys along disappearing pathways, across bridges into unknown places, arriving at houses with no apparent doorway. There are mysteries within, unanswered questions, philosophical ideas. He charmingly creates metaphors for the challenges we face, inspiring us to enjoy the journey and to never give up, but, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Over the years Garden has firmly established himself as an English landscape painter of note. His work is in demand for solo exhibitions in many prestigious galleries in the UK. He has gained both a national and international reputation and his works are in many private collections around the world.

We are delighted to welcome Simon back for his second solo exhibition with us in Wimbledon Village. We hope you will visit during the exhibition and enjoy exploring these wonderful paintings.

Simon studied fine art at the Exeter College of Art, graduating in 1982. In 2002 he was elected a member of the Royal West of England Academy.    Over his thirty-six year career so far, Simon has been in demand for solo exhibition’s in many prestigious gallery’s; Beaux Arts, Bath; Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone; Brian Sinfield, Cotswolds, Sladers Yard, Bridport and this year Catto Gallery in Hampstead.  His work has featured regularly in the Discerning Eye, Royal West of England Academy, and the Hunting Art Prize.  He has gained a national and international reputation and his works are in many private collections in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia and Japan.

Simon’s paintings are visual conundrums, they are immediately eye-catching, rich in metaphor and meaning, they are immediately eye-catching, their subject matter intriguing and entertaining.  On closer inspection one begins to explore the textured surface, line, colour and shapes. An observer of the human condition, it’s fun to travel through a painting taking time to meet the odd characters, to consider their journeys and the challenges the artist lays before them. There are mysteries within, unanswered questions, philosophical and inspirational ideas.  In the exhibition Simon explores themes of edges and borders, extraordinary meeting places and treacherous journeys, but also there is a strong sense of joy, the ordinary, the beauty in nature and small special moments. 

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